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Based in Melbourne Australia, provides highly secure, high speed network solutions to government and high profile commercial customers in Australia and around the world. SENETAS delivers specialized enterprise information consulting services to Australian companies that generate tangible business benefits.

SENETAS Security “CypherNet” range of encryption devices developed in Australia, provide highly secure, highly efficient network encryption. They are trusted by government and high profile commercial organizations in Australia and around the world.

SENETAS encryption technologies have the highest international levels of accreditation. They reduce network bandwidth requirements by up to 40 per cent compared to other encryption products, while transmitting data at up to 10 GB per second.

Organizations no longer need to choose between high performance and high security: SENETAS’ CTAM CypherNet Encryptors deliver both.

Network Encryption Products

  • Ethernet Encryption
  • SONET/SDH Encryptor
  • Senetas CN Fibre Channel
  • Link Encryptor
  • ATM
  • CypherManager
  • Hybrid Quantum Encryption
  • Internet Encryption

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